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The complex benefits system - Why you need advice


Following an unexpected onset of illness or disability due to a personal injury, it’s important that you receive the right financial support you are entitled to from the welfare benefits system. Welfare benefits can help you live a more independent life within your community and there are a range of benefits available for people with disabilities.

There are different benefits available for those of working age to those who are above state pension age. Benefits can be divided into three broad categories

  1. Those that are intended to replace earnings
  2. Those that compensate for additional costs
  3. Those that help alleviate poverty.


Some benefits are paid at different levels depending on the person’s need and some of these benefits can even be paid alongside earnings. The Department for Work and Pension, known as the DWP, is responsible for financial help available to disabled people, Jobcentre Plus provides help to people of working age and the Pension Service provides services for pensioners.

The benefits system is complex due to the huge number of qualifying conditions, the many changes each year and, not least, the interaction between the different benefits and the departments that deal with those benefits.

Some benefits are based on whether you’ve paid national insurance contributions and some benefits are means-tested, dependent on the income of the household. So you can see it’s vital you get the right advice to find out what benefits are right for you, your family and as well as the situation you have been placed into.

If you've suffered as a result of a personal injury or medical negligence, and would like benefits advice, please contact us today.