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Is your New Year's resolution in 2021 to save money?


Each year, a significant number of people in the UK make New Year's resolutions and one of the most common is to save money. In previous years, priorities for saving may have been saving for a holiday, saving to buy a house or saving for home improvements, but given what's happened over the past year, it's likely many people's priorities for saving may have changed. 

2020 was a year that we’ll never forget due to the tragic losses suffered as a result of the global Covid-19 pandemic. Even now in 2021, the tragedy is still unfolding and there's uncertainty and fear that this pandemic may not be the last. This has caused a great many of us to consider our financial future and long-term financial security, should the worst happen. 

But when it comes to knowing what to do for the best when considering financial security for your future, many people don't believe they have the option to make an investment for the future.  

Investing for the future

Many people think you need to already have a large amount of money if you wish to start making investments. It is true that if you're new to the stock market, its highly advisable that you instruct an independent financial adviser to ensure the risks are minimised as much as practically possible. However, if your investment amount is less than £150,000, paying for bespoke financial planning services can be costly and returns may be minimal. This means that those who don’t have a substantial sum of money to invest don't believe they have the option to invest and instead turn to savings accounts.

Opening a savings account can be beneficial, as you can open an account for a small sum of money and you can add as much money to it as you want, as often as you want, and this can usually be done through an online banking platform, making it quick and easy. However, interest rates on savings accounts are generally very low, so you’re unlikely to see a return significantly above what you put into it.

What many people would like is to have the positives of opening a savings account with the potential returns of an investment. We at Adroit want you to have this option as we believe everyone should be able to make investments, regardless of their level of wealth. That's why we’ve introduced Adroit Direct.

What is Adroit Direct?

Adroit Direct is a non-advised, self-service investment solution platform. It allows you to invest as little as £1,000 and you can add as much money to it as you want, as often as you want.

Your money will be invested by carefully selected fund managers who have been thoroughly researched and are constantly monitored. The investment managers work behind the scenes to maximise your return on investment and you can track your investment at anytime, anywhere and on any device through the Adroit Direct platform.  

Will my investment through Adroit Direct be secure?  

The security of your money is taken very seriously and as a result, your investments are held on your behalf with Pershing Securities Limited which are part of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (BNY Mellon), one of the world’s largest and strongest financial institutions. They have over 600,000 clients with assets in excess of $1 trillion US Dollars and offer some of the highest levels of protection available in the industry.

Before using any investment partners, Adroit undertakes significant research and has a robust due diligence process. The suitability of our all our investment providers is monitored on a regular basis.

How do I start my investment with Adroit Direct?

To find out more and create an account, simply visit our Adroit Direct page.

What if I want to invest a large amount of money to financially secure my future? 

When investing large amounts of money of £150,000 and over, we highly advise that you seek the advice of an independent financial adviser who can provide a bespoke financial service to maximise the returns of any investment made. There are literally thousands of options when it comes to making large investments and it can be extremely difficult to work out which is the best for you.

Adroit's independent financial advisers have a significant amount of experience when it comes to investments and can ensure you get the absolute best available service.

If you're considering making a long-term investment of a large amount of money, simply contact our highly experienced independent financial advisers for no obligation advice.