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ASHE Data 2018 Released


Today the office of national statistics released the provisional data set for ASHE 6145 & 6146 (6115 equivalent). This is of particular relevance for clients in receipt of Periodical Payments.

Unsurprisingly, the annual costs of care have risen again, and as the data below shows, the annual increases are higher than the Government target for inflation.

Figures released

Percentage Increase

Many claimants in receipt of Periodical Payments which are linked to ASHE 6115 (all percentiles) will receive their next payment in December 2018.

The above charts illustrate the importance of obtaining advice prior to settlement, so that as the claimants costs alter each year, so does their Periodical Payment Order.

Adroit have significant experience in this complex and specialised area, and there are a number of issues that should always be considered for claimants with high value claims. Our expertise will ensure that claimants receive impartial advice on settlement to ensure their future financial security.

Adroit will also assist in the annual calculations for clients checking that their revised payment for the year ahead is in accordance with the order.

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