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Adroit's Coast to Coast ride for the SIA


On Thursday last week, Team Adroit, consisting of myself and Neil Jefferies took on the 2021 SIA Cycling Challenge. There were 18 riders who took on this gruelling 224 mile, three day ride. Three of the team of riders have spinal cord injuries and were using hand driven cycles.

The event started in Southport and after 81 miles of wind and heavy rain, and 3,401 feet of climbing, we arrived at Ilkley soaked to the bone and very tired!

The next morning we set off from Ilkley amidst some welcome sunshine and the odd rain shower, and although a shorter 77 mile ride, with climbing of 3,417 feet, we had a headwind for much of the day. We were dry when we arrived in Darlington that evening but equally exhausted. 

Day three was the biggest challenge, only 66 miles, but 3,882 feet of climbing with wind and rain in our faces for most of the ride. Many of us had never taken part in anything like this before, but we all soldiered on and finally arrived at our destination of Whitley Bay late on Saturday afternoon. 

Even though we found the challenge near impossible at times, and we were all in pain and exhausted, Team Adroit, along with the other SIA riders were elated at our achievement of this gruelling but hugely enjoyable challenge.  

The SIA is a brilliant organisation who carry out such great work for those who have spinal cord injuries and their families and Adroit are very proud partner with them. 

If anyone would like to make a donation following our efforts, you can visit our Just Giving page.


Paul Rosson